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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Pez Dispensers

Our Pez Collection
At Sweet Distractions: Elora's Candy Boutique, we carry a huge assortment of Pez Candy Dispensers and Pez gift sets to please everyone. 

Last year we took a trip to Pez Visitor Centre and Museum in Connecticut and it inspired us to start Pez Dispenser collection of our own. 

Our goal is to decorate our walls with various Pez from many different eras. 

Right now, our collection is small - but it is growing. 
Stay tuned for updates on our Walls of Pez.

Pez dispensers on Display

If you would like to donate to our Wall of Pez - drop off your old dispensers at 
16 Mill St West
Elora, ON

The Circus is coming to Town

The Circus is coming to ELORA, Ontario
Join us on Thursday March 27th for the Family Fun Circus at the Elora Community Centre.
Show Times are 4:30 pm  & 7:00PM

Friday, 21 March 2014

Spring has arrived in Elora

Easter Bunnies all ready to eat
We are very excited that spring has finally arrived in Elora, Ontario. Although there is still a fair bit of snow on the ground after a record winter, the snow is melting fast, and signs of spring are starting to peak through.

At Sweet Distractions, we have been hard at work getting ready for Easter.

Eva, and Lisa have been busy making many chocolate treats in store - including chocolate Easter Bunnies, and many other sweet treats. We have also been busy making delicious gift baskets full of great treats to give for Easter.

Make Sweet Distractions in Elora, your Easter headquarters.
16 Mill St West
Elora, ON

Easter Baskets
decorating store made Easter Bunnies

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

SaltWater Taffy

Sweet Distractions has just received a huge shipment of Taffy Town Salt Water Taffy. 

So many delicious flavours to choose from and to mix.

Red Velvet cake, lemon meringue pie, frosted cupcake, key lime pie, chocolate chip cookie, cinnamon roll, watermelon, chocolate caramel mocha, caramel cheesecake and so many more.

Be sure to visit us and pick up a bag of the best salt water taffy around.


 Don't forget to pick up some SASSY TAFFY for those who like a little pucker in their sweets.